Jesus taught in parables

One of the more notable of Jesus’ teaching style was that he taught in parables.

They are really beautiful word pictures that stick with us. We all know about the sower who throws out seeds, the shepherd who leaves the 99 to search for the one wayward sheep, and for sure the son who returns after blowing his inheritance.

This is the way Jesus taught, along the way, as life happened, but with intentionality. So we can echo the disciples’ question in Matt 13:10 “why do you speak to them in parables?”

The parable sticks with us and teaches those who want to listen, but Jesus doesn’t go out of his way to explain things to those who have closed their hearts to the truth.

It’s our job, as the church, to communicate the truth of God’s word, but some people just are not willing to hear. It’s not our fault, the door is locked from the inside.

The gospel is life, but not everyone is willing to receive it – it’s simply our job to share it, along the way, throughout life.

May we do this with creativity and intentionality to help the message stick with people for the long haul.

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