Bible Abbreviations

When writing about the Bible, it can be helpful to have generally accepted abbreviations so that you don’t have to write out words that happen over and over again. To that end, I thought it might be helpful to write out the most common ones that you’ll probably encounter here on

I follow the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) Style Manual. These abbreviations can be found in section 8.3.1-2.

The main two abbreviations are for New Testament (NT) and Old Testament (OT), but those are fairly obvious.

Here is a list of the abbreviations for all the biblical books in canonical order:

Bible Abbreviations: New Testament

Matt  Mark  Luke  John  Acts  Rom  1–2 Cor  Gal  Eph

Phil  Col  1–2 Thess  1–2 Tim  Titus  Phlm  Heb  Jas

1–2 Pet  1–3 John  Jude  Rev

Bible Abbreviations: Old Testament (LXX)

Gen  Exod  Lev  Num  Deut  Josh  Judg  Ruth  1–2 Sam

(1–4 Kgdms)  1–2 Kgs  1–2 Chr  Ezra  Neh  Esth  Job

Ps/Pss  Prov  Eccl (Qoh)  Song (Cant)  Isa  Jer  Lam

Ezek  Dan  Hos  Joel  Amos  Obad  Jonah  Mic  Nah

Hab  Zeph  Hag  Zech  Mal

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