It’s a big word, but what does it mean? Well, when I say Hermeneutics, I’m talking about in relation to the Bible, but there is Hermeneutics in any literary enterprise.

I think a good definition is a slight variation on what I’ve heard before, so here’s my definition as to what Hermeneutics is (at least as far as Biblical Studies is concerned) “the science of the art of biblical interpretation”

Interpreting the Bible (figuring out what it means) is an art, no doubt, but there are guidelines that help us to approach this process with more objectivity and helps us to get closer to the truth.

This semester I’m in a seminar called “Advanced Hermeneutics” in which we are currently studying the history and philosophy of hermeneutics, and the second half will be a little more practical.

This being the case, I’m going back and reviewing my class on hermeneutics from college at DBU under Dr. William E. Bell Jr. I’ll be doing a few posts to help organize my thoughts and summarize “the art and science of biblical interpretation” for you.

If I can get my basement organized, be looking for a general overview very soon, and then 7 posts covering the main “rules” of interpretation. Though interpreting the Bible is a complex process that takes time and experience, there are some basic governing principles that I believe would do many people a world of good to be aware of. I’m going to try and help you with these main ideas of hermeneutics.

Check back soon! Please comment below with any questions…

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